• Dan Slott Says Goodbye to Spider-Man, But He’s Gonna Go Down Swinging
    Mar 07, 2018

    The interludes with Norman and Carnage in these last few issues suggest that Peter is in dire peril. What can you tell us about the action and tone of “Go Down Swinging?”

    Without giving too much away, this is his greatest threat; his two worst enemies together as one gestalt being. When left to his own devices, Green Goblin will kill your greatest love! When left to its own devices, Carnage will kill every innocent bystander in New York. [Laughs]

    You put that peanut butter in that chocolate, it’s not a good mix, man! THAT’S BAD! IT IS SOOO BAD!

    Speaking of the Green Goblin’s propensity to kill people Spider-Man loves, it’s interesting that Mary Jane Watson is back in Peter Parker’s world, and some of the old feelings between them appear to have returned.

    I have no comment on that! [Laughs]

    Art by Stuart Immonen, Wade von Grawbadger, and Marte Gracia

    [Laughs] Let’s move to another supporting character I want to touch on, then; J. Jonah Jameson, who because of the events of Chip Zdarsky’s Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, now knows Peter is Spidey. You seemed to have a lot of fun with that in Amazing #796. What’s it like writing Jonah, now?

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    Peter and Jonah have such a weird relationship, now. He’s still Jonah, but now you have to find a new footing. Chip really threw us a weird and wonderful twist by doing this over in Spectacular. [Laughs] We’re playing with it and having fun with it. You can’t ignore it, and it’s just such a great take. Take a bow, Mr. Zdarsky!

    You’ve worked with a lot of great artists over the years on Amazing Spider-Man. And for your final arc you’re once again collaborating with the great Stuart Immonen. What’s it like working with him on this particular story?

    I started working with Stuart around issue #25 of the last run, and he’s just been a dream to work with. Him, [inker] Wade [von Grawbadger], and [colorist] Marte [Gracia] have been the killer team in all of comics!

    There’s the way the book looks in your head when you’re writing and then there’s what you get in the art. With Stuart it’s always better than I imagine. It’s gorgeous to the point that it affects the next issues you’re writing.

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    Once he put Bobbi and Peter together, they had a chemistry they didn’t have in my head. I was like, “Oh! They’re a couple now.” It was really hard to break them up, too. I had to get there though for “Go Down Swinging.” It’s not like Marvel is going to let me kill Mockingbird… come on!

    [Laughs] You talked earlier about your final issue, #801, with Marcos Martin. Has work begun on the art for that issue?

    Yeah. I’m looking at some art from it now. It’s gorgeous!

    So, have you said your sort of “Goodbye — at least for now” to Spider-Man?

    I write plot/script. I have plotted everything there is to plot, and issue #800 is quadruple sized. It’s an 80-page lead story. Stuart is drawing the big climax, and a lot of guys I’ve loved working with from over the whole run are coming back and drawing chapters; Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli and some surprises.

    Is issue #800 a sort of a jam issue?

    Yes, but well over 25 pages of it will be Stuart. So you’re going to get a lot of Stuart Immonen, and nice big swaths of Humberto and Giuseppe. It’s 80 pages! We are not going small. Everything is big!

    If you’re in New York City, I’ll be signing the first chapter of “Go Down Swinging,” Amazing Spider-Man #797, at Forbidden Planet on Wednesday, March 7. And if everyone wants the issue, please add it to your pull list. We’re on a streak of selling this book out. Retailers are not ordering enough of Amazing. Everything from #792 on has been selling out and going into second printings, and #797 is no different. It’s already sold out at the distributor level. That is six issues in a row! There is a trend here. If you want to make sure you get your copy of Amazing Spider-Man on new comic day please reserve a copy at your comic store. And thank you, EVERYBODY, for supporting this book!

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