• Erica Henderson Leaving Squirrel Girl, Series Will Continue
    Mar 10, 2018

    Erica Henderson is ending her run on Marvel’s acclaimed The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl series.

    Making it “officially official” on Twitter, Henderson said the issue she’s working on now will be her last in the series. She said she’s leaving the book to focus on her creator-owned work, but made clear that The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl will continue, despite her exit. She’ll also still be doing cover art for the series.

    Hey guys. It's officially official. The issue of Squirrel Girl I'm drawing right now is my last. Writing this now to get ahead of the rumor mill.


    2. The book is NOT over.
    3. I'll still be doing covers pic.twitter.com/Xx9V0oA5du

    — Erica Henderson (@EricaFails) March 10, 2018

    This wraps up three years of Henderson’s work with the series, one that has been highly-regarded by critics and fans alike, including an Eisner Award for “Best Publication for Teens (ages 13-17)” in 2017. It even spawned an original graphic novel in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Beats Up the Marvel Universe. Henderson also did a stint on Archies Comics’ popular Jughead series.

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    The team of writer Ryan North and Henderson persevered through rumors of cancellation and line-shattering events like Secret Wars, but the series always remained smart, diverse and incredibly funny, making it one of the go-to books for on-boarding new comics readers.

    Henderson said she’ll miss working with Marvel characters and her creative team on the book but is looking forward to the future. Her new project has not yet been announced.

    It's been a great three years but three years is a long time and I'd like to be able to branch out at this point.

    I'll miss my amazing team and I'll miss being able to play in that Marvel sandbox but the future awaits!

    P.S. Not announcing new projects yet pic.twitter.com/3HWz6vH0md

    — Erica Henderson (@EricaFails) March 10, 2018

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